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Procrastinating again

Yep, another entry from the UEA when I should be doing work. I should be reading two excruciatingly boring Plants and Environment papers to do a critical appraisal of, but can't bring myself to carry on past page 5 for now. I'll finish the rest another time. I also didn't get around to starting to read Spirit Walker, which I'm ashamed about since Mike was so kind in posting his own copy to me. I'd do a tag thing to show the livejournal name, but I can't remember it, I use Semagic for all of the fancy stuff. Conservation Biology was interesting this morning though, explaining models for sustainable exploitation. I have to track down Diana Bell later this week, too, and see what I'll be doing for my final year project. Most likely, it'll be scatology with red foxes (for those not familiar with biology terminology, that basically means divining from their droppings). But it's red foxes, a (relatively) large carnivore, so I don't mind. We don't have wolves over here.

If you've been to the last couple of Balto League chats then you're probably sick of me mentioning this, but for those I haven't spread the word to yet, there's an excellent little game called Mount & Blade at TaleWorlds that you can download and play for free. It lets you advance to level 6, and then if you like it and want to go higher, you can buy a license key for something like eight quid. The maximum level is 50, but I personally thought that was a bit scabby, so you can hex edit the saved games to reset you to level 1 again with zero experience, but keeping all of your statistics, if you want to go through the cycle perpetually. Very good combat engine, which is the focus of the game, it's pretty poorly developed in other areas AND the new version that's just been released, 0.700, is full of bugs. It's under development still, but is very good.

My parents' 29th anniversary was yesterday, we went out to Sheringham on the coast for a meal and a walk on the beach. We saw a dead seal that'd been washed up, I think a female from the lack of scars, it was a shame. But other than that, we had a very good day, doing messages in the sand with our feet and skimming stones, enjoying the strong sea breeze and watching Mark chase down the pay and display ticket across the car park when the wind blew it out of his mouth. To finish up with, we had a fire in the lounge, it was a great day all-in-all.

*Stretches and glances about his little patch of territory* What else to say... Don't want to make this too long and boring, and I should really finish that paper. I'll leave you with some inspiration I stumbled across in the gentleman's toilet. I looked up and saw this stuck onto the back of the cubicle door, it made me think, and stirred me.

"Well there's no one to blame,
Or should hang their heads in shame,
We're all born the same,
And we all need...

Warm breeze, blue skies,
Cornfields and summer sun,
I weep as I lay in the arms of one that I love.

If the Earth were my lover
Would I treat her this way?
If you were my brother
Could I watch you waste away?

I am dust, I am Earth I am,
Yet I feel like a stranger in my own land.
Give us back our fields and our oceans
And the clean air so we can breathe again.

Stop feeling small you're a part of it all
And everything you say and do
And everytime you let the truth come through
It makes a difference
Believe in your significance...

Give us back our fields and our oceans
and the clean air so we can breathe again."

It's derived from the song 'I Am Dust', by Sieze the Day (Lyrics), and it moved me enough to share it with you. But now, The Return to Castle Saltmarsh. *Drudges back into his ecology paper*


EDIT: Oh yeah, I thought there was something I was forgetting. I knew writing "sea serpent dream" on the back of my hand would work. Another thing I was going to mention was this really class dream I had a couple of nights ago. I was a scientist (ecologist or conservationist) working with a team on a research station in a lagoon or lake of some kind. It looked almost like a pagonda or one of those tiered oriental buildings, but futuristic and smoother. We were studying the fish in the lake, but found out shortly after we arrived that a sea monster was feeding off of them as part of the natural community. I think it was male (and I strangely alternated between being myself in the dream, and being a lady researcher similar to the one in The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman), and it was huge. His head was about the height and width of the room I'm sitting in now, a diameter of the order of 10' or so. He had a pair or a few (relatively) little tendrils at the front of his nose, which was rounded and broad, and he was a mixture of light greens and blues. I couldn't even guess at the length, but at the very least fifty metres, and I couldn't see any other distinguishing characteristics, I only got a good look at the head in the dream. The head itself was noticeably different from the body, it's not like the trunk just rounded off into a head, there was a skull there plain to see, but I can't remember if it had a crest, ridges, a collar, or anything like that. I should've written it down after I woke up, really. But anyway, he habituated the lake/lagoon and got along pretty well with us, friendly and almost amused in his tolerance, I remember being in the water with him once up close and riding the water current over his head as he passed below. But then these other people, government people who'd heard about the creature, invaded our research station to violently and fatally put a stop to our project so that they could conduct whatever scheme of theirs they had in mind for the beast. We fought back against these SAS-like troops who were coming in on ropes and all sorts, attacking each level of our station. We didn't do too badly for untrained personnel, and I was still counterattacking when I woke up, having a good two or three black-garbed SAS people under my belt. It was a really class dream, I need more like that. The sea serpent was probably a result of reading Livejournals so much, lol, I have no idea where the government soldiers came from though. Anyway, NOW I will read the rest of that paper. ... Argh, no, it's quarter to five, I have to go to my parasitology lecture. Yay, I just can't wait to learn about mating flatworms.

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