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Long overdue update

Yes, here it is, a proper update at last. It's been months since my last one of these, lots of stuff's gone on and most of it I can't remember, because I'm a scatterbrain like that. First things first though. Cards. I've left it horribly late this year, so if I have your address, you'll probably get a card after Christmas has actually happened, heh, sorry about that. And apologies, too, to the following poor people whose cards can only be described as being Dreadfully Late (because I haven't posted them yet ^_^;): acanis and Kate, ntnon and great_britannia, chrisp1234, xnightangelx, scbordercollie, cherokee14, Husky, Lone, techno4tomcats, wolfenashes, munebunny, pardouncia, raeninjamoose, trash80, twodogz, vestawolf and greatarcticwolf, christy_head (if I can ever, EVER manage to wangle your address out of you), sea_demon, zekiwolf and Scratch and Cheryl.

Secondly, I've managed to catch a cold just in time for Christmas, lol, it's annoying because I'm hardly ever poorly, it's on the way out though, I'm nuking it with a combination of a hyperactive immune system and an ibuprofen-paracetamol cocktail. whitewolf_707, nanakyi, hikaru_firestar and anyone else suffering with bodily dysfunction of any kind, I hope it clears up soon so that you can enjoy the holidays. Being ill sucks.

And whoever it was who sent a card to "Bubba Bo Bob John Esq.", I know you're in England somewhere, and even if you didn't have a posting zone frank to tell where you posted it from and didn't put your return address on the card, when I get back from Leicester and do all my card opening on Tuesday, I'll find out who you are! X-D My money's on acanis, he's the mad sort of person to do that kind of thing. :-P

And to put anyone's mind at rest who sent me a card, I've gotten ones so far from: balto_mike, the Bubba Bo Bob person (long live Pinky & the Brain!), alueus, goldeagleradar and her cublets, _theblackwolf_, my grandad and the University of Maine telling me the next semester starts on January 17th and would I like to discuss educational aspirations with an academic adviser. o_o Thankyou for the cards!

My friend jackv is roaming about over in Cambodia at the moment, he's going to be there for Christmas. It's not a Christian country, and the only signs of Christmas are one or two trees up in people's houses through the window, no lights or special broadcasts or anything. He has one present and a card to open from a fellow traveller he met in Australia, so it's probably going to be pretty lonely for him out there, spare him a happy thought for Christmas.

Right, where to start for some actual substance to my entry... *Ponders on top of his den* I won't bore you with university stuff. Ooh, I did see The Chronicles of Narnia on Sunday with Phil, Emily, her brother and her parents (Chris was supposed to be there but ended up waiting at Guild Hall instead of coming to the cinema like we'd told him). It was class, though the body language was wrong for the wolves, they were too human in that regard. But still, the CGI was excellent, and the battle scenes were great. Aside from one small, niggling thing that I have to nitpick about. If an adolescent human male with no combat experience and a weedy constitution tries to bull over a hulking great minotaur with one flimsy backhanded slap of his sword, he would in fact break his arm, not barrel the creature out of the way. But aside from that, superb film. :-D I love escapism.

For Christmas this year I'll be heading up to my grandad's over in Leicester, going up this Saturday (so I'll miss the Balto League chat, sorry!) and coming back on Monday. It'll be good to see the family again, we'll be meeting up with Nana and my uncle Steve who lives up in Scotland now, it's been ages since I saw him, he's a computer enthusiast and is probably the most responsible for my own interest in them. We used to go up to his house when he lived nearer to Leicestershire and play games on his Atari ST. Oldies like Arkanoid 2, Buggy Boy and Thundercats. *Goes sentimental about the old, old PCs and their excellent computer games* You just don't get classics like Rainbow Islands or Xenon any more. And Dungeon Master, oh god, the pinnacle of dungeon RPGs IMO.

*Comes back from his old computer game tangent* The Aurora Borealis has gone back into dormancy again. -_- It looked like it was moving again when nighttracker made a post and promised a comeback, but since each plotline involves one or more of her characters, and she never did come back after that one post, the club stayed still. >_< It's not all your fault though, Tracker, lol, don't worry. *Pats her on the head* I still haven't posted for the detective yet, either, I just can't seem to get over the mental block for him. Maybe I should offer his character up to someone else to play, like Draiko, he seems very responsible and dedicated. Prod that sparf of yours and see if he can get a post out for his characters, lol. Hmm... There are a few people on Livejournal that like roleplaying, and we always welcome new members, even if it's just to read the story without roleplaying. If anyone's interested, it's a Yahoo club and is Balto-based: The Aurora Borealis.

Right, eyes stinging now, must get some of those impending cards written, too. So! Time to go. ^_^ Sorry to everyone for not commenting much on your entries, too, I've not been online much in the run-up to Christmas and this cold just recently isn't helping, lol. Not sure how much I'll be about when my mate whitewolf_707's here, but we'll see if I can keep up. Have a merry Christmas, mateys. :-) *Sneezes*

Oh yeah, and happy birthday, xnightangelx! Hope it isn't overshadowed by Christmas, lol. *Scruffles Azrani's headfur* Have a good one. :-)

-John *Clubs policho with a starfish on a bit of string*
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