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Mike's visit

Today, balto_mike went back to Maidenhead on the train, he arrived yesterday and stayed the night; it was a good visit, with wolf documentaries, computer games and chess. And those little preztel & stick things. Here's a rundown of what we did.

whitewolf_707 and I got to Norwich train station at about half eleven in the morning, or a few minutes before, when Mike was due to arrive from Liverpool Street station. I managed to miss him actually getting off the train because I'd nipped to the gent's, but he was there when I came out again talking with White. We walked into the city centre in the hopes of hunting down a wolf T-shirt for Mike, since he's been after one for a while but one thing or another always seemed to prevent him getting it. Being a bank holiday Monday though, most of the shops were closed, so we didn't have any luck. We did have a meal at the Glasshouse though, and saw the cathedral along with a few of the quaint backroads we have here. Then we went home, my brother picked us up.

At home he dropped his stuff off in the spare room, then became awestruck by my own with its wolf stuff, posters, pictures and bits and bobs. I showed him my swords, including the renowned claymore, and he took some pictures with his camera. We made MP3s of his Narnia soundtrack CD and showed him Mount & Blade (he got slaughtered by river pirates, but then got used to the combat system and started beating them up), Morrowind and another game we recently got into called Minions of Mirth, an MMORPG.

By this time I was getting really, really tired. I hadn't been getting a lot of sleep and was still, agravatingly, getting over my cold, so I was barely able to keep my eyes open. After Mike had shown us some 700 pictures of various places in London, I just had to sleep, so I said goodnight and White joined me about 45min later after showing him some of her digital photos and talking while browsing the internet.

In the morning, we had some breakfast and then saw a wolf documentary he brought with him called Living with Wolves. I remember it was shown on Sky a while ago; Draiko, a friend from TAB, had praised it highly before, and I have to admit it wasn't bad at all. After that, we listened to snowwolfmystic's recordings that she put up recently in her Livejournal and I have to say, Snow, you've got a lot of talent. I was seriously impressed, we all were, and to do a recital for as long as that must've been a trial of endurance just in itself, lol. Really good music.

Then Mike and I had a game of chess. It was the first game of chess I'd won in about two years, lol, but it was fun, and he pulled a few evil little maneouvres on me that had me on the run. And then after Mike double-checked he'd packed everything, we went off into town again for another wolf T-shirt hunt. We didn't find one. There was a wolf fleece, and a Hell Rider T-shirt with a wolf on it, but it was a biker's T-shirt so Mike wasn't too keen on it. I took us round a few nice crystal shops that had Wiccan and Native American things, we looked around a film merchandise shop and then we had a meal at The City Gate before going up to the castle and taking a few more pictures.

Then it was time for Mike to get his train home, and we walked down to the station. He left a book with me to read called Woodsong, by Gary Paulsen, author of Winterdance. I'll try and read that when I can, but I don't get a lot of reading in nowadays really. He emplored us to get a post up in Livejournal by tonight, so here it is. Hah, we did it. ;-P And we have your towel hostage. Yep, you left your towel here, Mike. It'd probably cost more to post it back than it would to buy a new one though, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not sure if ordering you a wolf T-shirt online is the best idea, either, with what I've been racking up on my debit card for Christmas and White's visit. Sorry Mike, I'm going to have to give it a miss, it's just such a shame the market was undergoing reconstruction, otherwise the T-shirt stand would've had some in from The Mountain. Keep your eye out for them though, and if you see one you like, buy it, your mum can't dictate what T-shirts you wear, that's silly.

All in all, a good visit. :-) And now I'll hand you over to WhiteWolf for your dose of 'graphicthingies'. Ah, she posted them in her Livejournal, so you can meander over there for them, lol: whitewolf_707.

I know I haven't updated in general yet, or since White got here, but we're having a lovely time together and aren't spending much of it online, so apologies there if we're not keeping up with Livejournal. We should still be in TBL chats as usual though. Hope you're all having a happy New Year. ^_^

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