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Sure, why not. :-)

The inevitable I-Love-You-Guys meme, pinched from Kimiko.

If there is someone on your Friends List who makes your world a better place just because that person exists and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. Not least of all my magnificent friend and lifelong mate, WhiteWolf. *Nuzzles her*

Hmm, to babble or not to babble... Babble.

Yep, the one workshop I had scheduled for today was double-booked with some kind of law class (Thankyou, Erin, for sending your minions!), so it was cancelled. Now, usually I'd be ecstatic, but I'd just walked in from Old Costessey to find out I didn't actually need to come in today. Walking from Old Costessey takes about one and a half hours through horse fields, along rivers, through an estate, up past my old high school and through a heron sanctuary. It's pretty scenic, so it doesn't bother me too much that it takes three times as long as biking would, not to mention that the bike's handlebars are slipping out to the left and I need to tighten them in again with an allen key. Oh yeah, it snowed a bit as I was walking in this afternoon. ^_^ Only a tiny sprinkling, but it was there. I got a bit lost coming in, wound up too far west (because I was too far east on Tuesday when I last walked in), but I'll get it spot on one day and then I'll know the quickest route to take.

University work, you don't want to hear about that, so let's just say it's nasty and I hate it and it's going to get worse. There we go, now onto the exciting rabbits. :-D These past three days I've been up a hide (shed on scafolding stilts and a stepladder that shakes in the wind) with a pair of binoculars and another student or two, watching rabbits with various different coloured ear tags raze, hop about, spray urine at each other, fight, mark their territories and sniff each other. For my project, I need to fix one with the binoculars for five minutes, continuous observation noting down everything they do and what location they're in. It's fieldwork, and I love fieldwork rather than being cooped up in a lab, and even that's bettoi than having to do paperwork, blugh. So that's not too bad. Someone fell and hurt their ankle while jogging near the enclosure on Monday and we ended up, perhaps unnecessarily, calling an ambulance to take him the 200-300m to the hospital. The UEA and the N&N hospital are right next to each other. It was a complete farce though, lol, the ambulance couldn't find us and we had to give him a lift to A&E in the end courtesy of a physiotherapist on her way back home from the hospital. So that was a little adventure, lol.

Jack's back from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia! I haven't seen him since Maine, the November before last, it's about a year and two, year and three months. I got to have a meal and a pint with him on Monday with Chris and Phil, it was good to catch up and hear a bit about his travels and experiences. I'd managed to leave the house in a right jumble though and forgot my wallet. And my keys. My notepad, easy-pen (it's easy because I just have it in my pocket, lol), watch and everything else I usually have on me. So, no money for a bus fare, I walked into town from campus and was horribly late. X-D But I still managed to get there before Phil because his bus was late, too, muahahaha.

Right, time to wrap this up now before I send you to sleep. ^_^ *Runs in little circles until university finishes*

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