John Pullinger (john_pullinger) wrote,
John Pullinger

Dusting off the Livejournal

I'm not going to let this place go for a whole year without an update. I don't have the time, now that I'm working, to keep up with Livejournal and its chronicles, the intertwining social network of my friends list and the overwhelming torrent of information. But I do at least want all of you to know that I am still alive, and to get a bit of housecleaning done here.

First off, whitewolf_707, my heart is eternally yours, and I'm always thinking of you. *Nuzzles her*

Now, some of you may be wondering "Where did that beardy twit from England go?" Well, I admit I basically dropped off of Livejournal and online chat applications, though anybody at The Balto League would still be able to find me regularly at the Saturday chats (and if you're reading this going "What's the Balto League?", then ask me for the IRC info and you'll be able to come and find out). Very very rarely I've been able to work up the will and carve out a timeslot to swing by a few Livejournals at intervals, but I almost entirely miss anything on here these days, so the best bet to get any word to me is by E-mail. And onto the reason I hard'y have any time now, lol.

I'm employed, working up at the University of East Anglia, back at my old haunt again. :-) Only clerical work in the faculty of Arts & Humanities for now, but I've got my eye on the school of Biology and I'm hoping to coincide the end of my contract here in Arts & Humanities with any job openings that come up over there. Even being a lab monkey would be a good enough start, just so long as I got paid a decent wage for it and can put money towards finding a place for White and I to live when she moves here next year. She's doing really well at university, A's and B's all the way, it's excellent. I'll be seeing her in August/September. :-D Can't wait, I'll be there in time for her 21st birthday, it'll be great.

So things are going okay. No real progress with shifting or edging my way into the dream world, but then I'd be the first to admit I haven't been putting my heart or a great deal of effort into it. My priorities have shifted to orbit White more, and getting her here and having a life together has to come first. Once we're together, once we're settled in and stable, then I can try and get more involved in shapeshifting again, and it'll be for her sake as much as my own. :-)

Anyway, that's about as much work time as I can get away with doing this update. Hope all of you are alright, I'm still here if you need me. <=) Ecker ecker!

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