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Aaargh forgot the subject. *Goes back and edits it* There we go. :-D

Okay, thanks to zekiwolf and the host of other friends that have done this thing, I thought I'd go for it, too, lol.

1) What animal does greatarcticwolf remind you of? A wolf! Rabbit. Wolfrabbit.
2) dm_melkhar's hair color? Er, black I think.
3) Is bob_the_chimp your best friend? Naar, Whoite be moi best friend, yurr!
4) Would aglandiir be a better ninja or pirate? Hmm... *Thinks* Pirate, I reckon, since being a ninja often takes years of training. Aggy would be a good pirate, like Robin Hood but on a boat.
5) Does hikaru_firestar smoke? I don't know, but I wouldn't think so, no.
6) What would echo_husky think of cwtyger? That he sleeps too much. :-D But would like him, CW's very likeable.
7) Where was sparf born? That way! *Points west at the USA* In Virginia, I think.
8) Is avivashywolf friends with tizzrah? I don't think they know each other.
9) What is tizzrah's favorite color? Er, no idea. Pink?
10) Are sea_demon and graywolfgirl going steady? ^_^; Um, no. Graywolfgirl is, but not with Zaal. It's Gray's birthday today, too, happy birthday, Gray!
11) How tall is alueus? Oh she's a midget. She's this big. *Holds hand at knee height* >:-)
12) Is aneiryu a nerd? Nah, I wouldn't say so, although his AIM away message would suggest otherwise.
13) Which president would goldeagleradar be likely to idolize? The one with the most eagley qualities? I don't know. Does it have to be an American president? I think she'd go for a Canadian one if anything.
14) Would you make out with tizzrah? Errr, no. I hardly know her and I'm engaged, lol.
15) Do you have kassandrahaymer's screenname? What, for AIM or something? No, but I could probably snab it from her userinfo. *Scuttles over there* Got her YM one: greywolf_227
16) Do you have a crush on great_britannia? *Laughs* Noooo. She's Phil's fiancé for a start, and I have a mate already.
17) What word best describes arbeywolf? Good. I think. She tends to be happy and courteous.
18) ntnon's eye color? Hah! Got ya, Phil! I think it's... Ah damn. *Tries to find a picture* *Fails* Er, brown?
19) What exotic animal would winterwinstar like as a pet? An anthropomorphic wolf to use as a reference for his comics. :-)
20) If goldeagleradar and alueus were spliced together, what would be its name? You mean like, Son of Alueus and Radar? *Twitches* I think some kind of winged tiger wolf thing that makes a load of puns and goes squish into a blob. x_x
21) What rank would aglandiir have in a giant robot army? Lieutenant (pronounced "leftenant")
22) Is scbordercollie an emo? Is that a kind of bird? No. No, she's a Border Collie. o_o
23) Does winterwinstar have a big secret? Something about his toilet being haunted...?
24) How long would scbordercollie dating shadow_d_husky last? I couldn't really say, I'm not great at predicting relationships. However long they'd go at it for, I imagine. ^_^
25) How many monkeys could munebunny fight at once and win against? Well, if she levitated, she could fight hordes and pelt them from above with, things. Um, 38 healthy monkeys and one with a limp, I'd say.
26) What is kaylarta's favorite game? I have no idea, something tigery?
27) What video game does balto_mike remind you of? Hah, Star Wars: Jedi Academy!
28) One quality you find attractive in vekke? She's honest about being happy and being herself.
29) What color should silver_huskey dye their hair? None! Her hair's fine as it is. ^_^
30) If avivashywolf commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Aglandiir would be her captain, all her friends would have nice officer ranks and there would probably be loads of wolfy grunts.
31) Did great_britannia break up with you? No, lol, silly question.
32) How would katire_stardust conquer the world? Charm!
33) Does wolficorn have a dog? I think so, yeah, two of them. ^_^ Not sure if one he was only looking after for a while or not though.
34) Could you see tizzrah and mogmckean together? Nope, lol, nobody touched Nanakyi's mate. :-D
35) Would you wrestle xnightangelx in jello? What, Azrani? o_o;; Close proximity to Azrani while covered in something edible is a bad idea, heh. But sure, it'd be fun. X-D
36) If cherokee14 and whitewolf_707 were spliced together, what would it be like? A lovely mongrel! That doesn't mind having the odd spliff and quite likes being horny.
37) Is avivashywolf a college student? Er... I don't actually know. No?
38) What do you agree with xnightangelx about? Balto is a great film! And stuff.
39) What is midnightfire24 allergic to? Keh, don't ask me. Dust mites?
40) Is hikaru_firestar popular? I'd say so, yeah, she's got a very strong character and tends to gather a power base of friends like Nanakyi. Kind, caring people just tend to.
41) What is silver_huskey's shoe size? *Guesses* Twelvety!
42) Does balto_mike have a crush on halfwolf88? *Cackles* Something you're not telling us, Mike? *Knocks it off* No, I'm sure he doesn't.
43) What would xxblackwolfxx give tsuralin for his/her birthday? A beautiful picture. :-)
44) How long have you known kassandrahaymer? Not long, really, a few weeks? Less? She's very nice though.
45) Would you ever date nanakyi? LOL! Um, no, she's taken and would bite me if I tried. She wouldn't have any trouble in general though, she has some very good qualities.
46) Where was kassandrahaymer born? Er, England somewhere I think, not sure which city.
47) Would cwtyger and kaylarta look good together? Yeah, I reckon so. In a picture pose, you mean, since they're both tigers.
48) What is aneiryu's favorite band/artist? No idea, lol. Erm, ABBA?
49) Would you set up trash80 and goldeagleradar? Nooo, I don't go in for the matchmaking deal, lol. Although... *Fondles beard in contemplation* They are both free. IT'd probably work if Stu was in Canada.
50) What planet should trash80 be from? Earth. He's down to earth and always ready with straight advice, no faffy trimmings to it, which I respect.
51) Is munebunny single? Nah, I think she's hopelessly in love with a creature called Brooks.
52) Is aglandiir 1337? God no, though he could fake it pretty well if he wanted to.
53) Does kaylarta do drugs? I don't know, but she might try some of the milder ones.
54) Do nanakyi and ntnon go to the same school? Rofl! No, I'm afraid not. It's hard to think of Phil and Eledhwen in the same context.
55) Is vekke in a relationship? Er, I don't know. *Doesn't know a lot of answers to these questions, arg* No?
56) What animal should eurohybrid62 be combined with? What, physically? A wolf! More wolves everywhere!
57) What is greatarcticwolf's favorite movie? Balto! And if it isn't, it should be. :-D
58) Are rainbow_lupus and balto_mike married? *Kills himself laughing* Oh my god no. X-D *Regains composure* Anybody see a Luke and Leia similarity?
59) If mrnosebleed3666 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? School. Definitely school.
60) What would nanakyi do differently in your shoes? Damn these deep questions. >_< Hrr... I think she'd try a lot harder with her university degree so that, when she gets it, she can get into a job with wolves faster and start making a real difference to their ecology and the way humans affect them.
61) Would sparf go out with alueus? Nope! Sparf's engaged, too. :-)
62) What song/movie would you recommend to sisterelwood? *Grins* Jungle Boogie! A film by two very talented, young film-makers.
63) Is nighttracker related to you? Veeery vaguely, if you go back all the way to common ancestors, and if we have different ones of those, then the therians of prehistory. And if you mean not-necessarily-blood-related, then she's a close friend, yes.
64) What flavor of jello would midnightfire24 be? His own flavour, of course. o_o Just mush him up into jelly, that flavour.
65) Does rainbow_lupus travel a lot? Not sure, I don't think so, but she's going somewhere next Easter.
66) If winterwinstar took over the world, who would suffer? Bill Gates, George Bush, most of Disney's bad figureheads, and the mingers he doesn't like in his neighbourhood, lol.
67) What is midnightfire24's biggest flaw? I honestly don't know him well enough to say.
68) Has cjakatala been to your house/dorm? Nope, she's way over there in the States, I only know her really through Longbow.
69) What languages does aglandiir speak? English and mushroom, lol.
70) Is graywolfgirl dead sexy? Another question I don't know the answer to! Hm, I'll be nice and say yes though, Loner's a lucky wulluf.
71) What would you do if sea_demon died? Feel numb, mostly, cry a bit maybe, be shocked, the usual sort of reaction. I hope it doesn't happen for a long, long time.
72) Is alueus related to vekke? Well, going back to the primordial slime... *Gets bonked on the head by a brick* Erggh, right, normal answer. Erm, no, I don't think so.
73) Does halfwolf88 drink? Nope! He's a mormon, and if a mormon drinks then he can't go into this special temple thing he told me about once when I asked him about it. He drinks non-alcoholic stuff, though.
74) If katire_stardust and hybridwulfe were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Er, not sure, the legs? The shoulder. Yeah, the shoulder.
75) Is longbow986 athletic? Fairly, I'd say, he seems like an active kind of person, big on hunting.
76) Have you flirted with sea_demon? If I even thought about it I'd be stuffed through a meat grinder faster than you could say "The demons possessed my hand!"
77) Thoughts on cjakatala? Utterly devoted to Longbow. Almost every post expresses her affection for him, it's heartwarming.
78) Where would halfwolf88 most like to visit? The Maritimes! Or maybe Alaska.
79) What do you disagree with silver_huskey about? Pokémon! *Bounces* Pokémon is awful but she thinks it's great!
80) If eurohybrid62 took over the world, who would be happy? Well, Euro, for one. X-D All of Euro's friends because they'd benefit from it, and probably the hostile space aliens because we'd be decommissioning all of our nuclear weapons and destroying the knowledge of how to create them.
81) If trash80 were hanging off a cliff, what would cherokee14 do? If she was right there? She'd save his ass. *Nods* Then they would sit and talk and have a beer and joke about nearly dying and generally have a good laugh over it.
82) What mental disorder does ravidwolf remind you of? Eccentricity. Yeah, eccentricity. He's always able to cheer you up with his quirkiness.
83) How would chokingallibies kill xnightangelx? Something merciful, she's not a sadist, and she wouldn't want to do it, either.
84) Where did you first meet nighttracker? Aaat... The Balto League! Where I met most of my oldtime online friends. :-) I think White introduced us, it was my introduction to The Aurora Borealis, too, I'll never forget it.
85) Are raeninjamoose and snowwolfmystic going out? Lol! No way. X-D Snow doesn't really fancy going out with people and Rae is way down in New Jersey.
86) When did you last call balto_mike? Err... Last Wednesday? Something like that. I have to ring his mobile when he calls me asking me to because it costs a lot of money to call from a mobile.
87) What is winterwinstar's favorite food? Tacos! :-D
88) Have you ever dated silver_huskey? Er, no. ^_^; I was her owner very briefly in a Balto LEague chat one week years ago, but I gave her whisky instead of water so that didn't last very long. Then I was jumped up and down on until I stopped living. X-D
89) One thing you can't stand about zekiwolf? There's nothing I can't stand about her, she's totally standable. Some people find things they don't like, she's told me that other people don't like her, but I personally can't fathom why.
90) What would you do if you found out tizzrah has a crush on you? Feel awkward, lol, I'm not available. I'd feel complimented, but have to politely decline.
91) Does arbeywolf know cjakatala? I think they're friends, not entirely sure but pretty much so.
92) Would kassandrahaymer and sea_demon make a good couple? *Grins deviously* Yeeessss, they're perfect for each other. >:-)
93) If dm_melkhar had a superpower, what would it be? Really, really scary...
94) Which of your friends should christy_head go out with? What, Ember? :-D All of them! We don't see her often enough! We should all go out and have a big bonfire barbecue like AC went to the other day.
95) Is avivashywolf a high school student? I don't know, er, argh, damn. Yes?
96) Do you think graywolfgirl is hot? Is this like the dead sexy question? I'll go for yes, she is, but I can't say for sure.
97) Is nighttracker introverted or extroverted? Kind of both at the same time. One prong goes in this way, the other goes out that way, and then you have tentacles in between them. There are things she doesn't let out, and keeps inside with only her, and then there are her expressive and bouncy moods which are great and she can be very extroverted. She's decent, all-round.
98) Does zekiwolf go to your school? No she doesn't, curse it all. >_< It'd be so class if she did. I could get her to drink something down at the Union Pub that isn't disgusting sake.
99) What comic book character would scbordercollie be? Brynn the Super Hot Dog! Or something. She'd save lots of sheep and persecute their abusers.
100) Has tsuralin dyed their hair? I think so, yeah, black?

Also, White just moved back into Rutgers University this weekend, her birthday's coming up on Friday so keep her in your thoughts. She's enjoying it a lot more this year, it feels more like home, it makes me really happy knowing that she's comfortable in the dormitories this time and seems to have gotten a good roommate. Enjoy the free time, White! Thinking of you, and love you lots.

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