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Pully's Den of Thoughts

Science is a Model

John Pullinger
5 June
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Ecker ecker! My name's John Pullinger, I'm a member of the University of East Anglia alumni, with a bachelor's in Ecology with Biology (with a Year in North America). I aspire to be, at the far-off pinnacle of my career, a field lupine biologist. L. David Mech has my job, lol. As you can tell by my lapse into internet slang, I can occasionally be found chatting online. These days find me working at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, doing my bit for science.

Come to the Balto League chats more often! Yes, you know who you are, all of you. :-P If I'm not there when you are, you have permission to bite me, on account of my being a hypocrite. :-D I try to get there, but usually just stay for the first few hours. The Balto League (http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/thebaltoleague/) is where I met the most beautiful, talented and compassionate wolf in the world, and was lucky enough to be accepted as her mate, the club's a cornerstone in my life. That wolf is of course whitewolf_707. *Nuzzles her*

And now, after 3 years of persuasion from my friends, I finally turned to the dark side and gave in to the suction of Livejournal. :-) Sniff around, mind the radioactive blue stuff in the corner and try not to eat all my possums.