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Another quickie.

Just a short post to let everyone know I've been almost entirely absent from the internet and Livejournal for the last few days, and might still be for a while yet. I do check E-mails once or twice a day at least though, so I'm still reachable (though I can't promise a speedy reply). And also, because Stu tagged me with this meme thing, the Aussie scab bag. >_<

Write 20 random facts about yourself, then tag the same number of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

Start time: 20:17

1. I need a shower.
2. I have Osgood Shclatter's syndrome in my left knee, sharply acquired when a member of the opposing rugby team fell on it and ripped the tendon half off of the shinbone; it's still weaker than my right knee but I don't let that stop me.
3. I tend to roll around a lot. It's fun.
4. I don't like binge drinking. Having a nice social pint down the pub with your mates is what it's all about. Drinking just to get drunk is a mistake.
5. I fail too often.
6. Which brings me to my next fact. The thing I fear and resent the most is letting people down, with emphasis proportional to how important they are to me.
7. I weigh around about 11st, but want to get back down to ten.
8. I'm naughty, I don't brush my teeth daily. x_o
9. I have a tiny, practically undetectable lump just under and to the right of my right eye, at the corner of the cheekbone, from where my brother, Mark, kicked his shoe off of his foot and hit me there when I was about twelve.
10. I don't go outside at night to roam as often as I used to, and should do more of it, though the internet binds me most nights.
11. I love computer games, having been introduced to computers at an early age by forward-thinking parents, and have a fondness for the Atari ST, my first proper computer.
12. Dinner is ready now, so I will go and eat it, then return.

Pause at: 20:25

Resume at: 20:43

13. I used to practice Tae Kwon-Do and Hapkido when I was young, but stopped when my brother did because I didn't like sparring against strangers.
14. I used to be a hooker. For my rugby team, Lakenham & Hewett Rugby Football Club. ... Don't look at me like that. Hooker is the number 2 position, they hook the balls in the scrums and throw them in the lineouts.
15. Je peux parle en Français, un peut.
16. I was heavily enthralled with The Animals of Farthing Wood when I was younger, dreaming about them a lot. It's an excellent animated series, a shame it's for children, there was so much potential to make it appealing for aduts.
17. I'm trying to find out more about shifting. A few years ago my enthusiasm was unbridled, I searched online and read books, talked to shifters online when I could find them (it isn't unusual for the first thing people hear from me when I meet them to be, "Hi, do you believe in werewolves?"), but now I'm more laid back about it. I really should start putting more effort into it again. I've set my goal age to have P-shifted by at 30 years old, to give me some incentive. It's easier the younger you are, so if I haven't managed it by then, heh, hopes aren't high.
18. I'm a furry, technically, since I'm a fan of anthropomorhpic animal fiction, both films and books. The Redwall series by Brian Jacques is superb.
19. I try to be as tolerant and understanding as I can, which sometimes gets me into trouble, since it tends to make me think other people are like that too, so I can't understand when others are hostile or malicious simply because I wouldn't be, in their position.
20. I was born with jaundice, not too uncommon for newborns, but they had to stick me in an ultraviolet crib thing for a few days or so to break down the bilirubin in my skin.

Stop time: 20:59

That's 24min. o_o That means I have to tag 24 people?? Well screw that. X-D Whoever wants to take this thing, can, I don't want to press anyone, lol.

Happy birthday in three hours, dunder!

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