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That 5 weird things meme that kassandrahaymer nabbed me with.

Consider this a prelude to an actual update, which will come probably next week sometime, after my cards are sent out and I've finished university for the year. There was another meme someone got me with a while ago that I've been meaning to do... Rate my Life I think it was, but I don't have the results to hand ATM so you're all spared, lol. Anyway, here you go.

5 weird things about John.

1. I tend to do forward rolls when I'm happy, and feeling energetic. Corridors, grass, gravel, pavement, it's all the same to me so long as I won't crash into anyone's legs, or the corner of a wall. *Twitches at the memory*

2. I frequently diregard social etiquette and propriety when I ask people if they believe in werewolves or not. Old ladies on buses, university lecturers and shop assistants know no haven from my enquiries.

3. I'm possibly one of the most naive, latently trusting and gullible people you're likely to meet, lol. I'm happy with it, is the weirder thing, though it'll probably get me in trouble one day.

4. If given the freedom of not having to go to university or anything else that requires I be awake any earlier than midday, I'll frequently sleep into the afternoon thanks to something called a timezone. Being stuck five hours ahead of my mate often means talking into the early hours, and in my lectures I've gotten a reputation for falling asleep.

5. I've only ever completely missed one Balto League chat since I joined the Yahoo club. That was then I took White to see Darren Hayes live in Birmingham once. And, curses, I'll be missing the Christmas Eve chat, too, because I'll be up in Leicester with my grandad and family. I'm very dedicated to the chats, though my activity on the board itself has gone down since the early days. Not enough old-time members come to the chats any more, it's a shame.

And there we are, the five things I can think of, and I was scraping the barrel after number 2. But! If you'd like to leave a comment with a weird thing about me, then that'd be interesting to see. Being myself, I might think that something I do is normal, when really it's weird, and it'd take someone else to point it out to me.

Proper update coming soon, and not before time, lol.

Oh yeah! And a very happy birthday to karakas! Best years of your life, these, enjoy them. :-)

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