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A dream entry

It's an update! Not a proper one really, but a dream I had last night. It was a class dream because it had a black-furred, wolverine fox in it (wolverine as the adjective rather than the noun). It's long though, so behind the cut it goes. People who were in it: snowwolfmystic, whitewolf_707, ntnon, great_britannia.

I can remember two main parts of the dream. The first starts when I went round to Snow's house and she started to play some of her music recordings for me on the computer, we talked for a bit and I remember the room we were in being old-fashioned and primarily wooden, like you'd find in a mansion. She decided to take me to a music hall or something in town, and when we got there there was this huge pile of Garth Brooks songs in black, oblong boxes. It was a veritable mountain. Oh yeah, I think Snow was a wolf for some of the dream and a human for the rest of it.

I started climbing the song mountain precariously, the footing and handholds were very loose and I had to circle round to different faces to get a good path to climb, and several boxes got pulled out and tumbled down in the process. I saw some of Snow's music in the pile, too, and that might've been the reason I was trying to get to the top, there was something there that I wanted to see. Then it gets hazy and the next thing I remember, I've just bought a farm with White, Phil and Emily. o_o It was only a field, really, no farmhouse, but we had some sheep on it, and a fence divided it from another pair of fields adjacent to it.

The farmer in that field and his sons (a bit like the ones in Lassie: The Next Generation, come to think of it), pulled the fence up vertically from the ground somehow and all our sheep started to run across and leave our field. >_< So I ducked under and started to try and herd them back again. The other farmers weren't aggressive, and I think they were pulling a joke on us, like a blooding ritual or inauguration into the farming community, lol.

And then I ran right into a bull's pen. He didn't like that, and chased me, I had to hop the fence on the far side. He found a a female cow there, losing interest in me as a result, and started to follow his natural instincts, if you catch my drift. After he'd done that once, he started to do it again, but in a human way, you could see he was doing it for pleasure rather than out of instinct, and he stood up on two legs and used his front hooves to handle the area. It gets a bit disgusting, really... I just remembered bits I'd forgotten about, now that I'm typing it up. x_o He pulled out just before climax and aimed himself at the cow's reproductive passage, and the orgasm lasted for a good ten seconds or more. *Twitches* But moving on (sorry about that), we left the farm and came back the next day, on our way to high school for some reason.

We stopped by our field and went in, having a look round. The sheep were all gone, but the people we bought the field from had mown the grass down to the kind of lengths you'd find on bowling greens, piling the cut grass up in heaps to make hay. Cornwall and Devon, the dragon from The Magic Sword, were there talking to us about something or other and it showed a map of England and Wales in the dream spontaneously, indicating where Devon was and that Cornwall was actually up at the northeast corner of Wales instead of where it should be. The heads of Cornwall and Devon looked like Wales and that bit of England that pokes out southwest below it.

Then we decide to leave the dragon in the field and go the rest of the way to school on foot. We come to a river with some trees by it, it was through a half wooded area. A swing was tied to a tree branch high up, just a stick for the seat, and Phil said you could swing across the river on it. So I said, "Oh you think so?" And pulled on the rope. It snapped right off. There was another one further along tied a lot higher up on a telegraph wire, I pulled on it and it held, but it'd've broken the wire if we used it, so we carried on down the bank.

White and Emily crossed while Phil and I wandered a little way further down. That's where we saw the black fox. He was large, about the size of a labrador I'd say, or a young Husky. He had black fur with grey twinges in it, not pure black, they were the sort of grey markings old dogs get, even though he was a yearling or younger, you could tell.

I thought it was class seeing a fox, and then after a moment of consideration, squatted down and called to him, encouraging him to come over. Phil was a bit exasperated, but sat down as well. The fox looked over at us, and then carefully approached, and I was able to stroke his head and talk to him. I can't remember what I talked about, but he listened even if he couldn't speak himself, while he sniffed us. He didn't seem very interested really, you got the impression that he didn't mind in the same way that you don't mind answering a marketing survey if you're in town and you don't have any pressing things to do.
I think he saw something coming that made him alert, you could see he was looking past us off to one side, ears up and tense; he took a few steps away I think, or started to depart, and then I woke up, or can't remember anything else at least.

And that's my dream, lol. It inspired me enough to update at least, if nothing else. ^_^

In other news, I'll probably be working with lots of rabbits in the next three months. If any of you have burning questions about rabbits, I'll be working with a rabbit guru called Diana Bell, she knows practically everything about them. This semester is the last before my graduation, I hope I do okay, it's hard work and scary as hell. I'll warn you now, heh, it'll probably mean I fall behind with Livejournal and E-mails again, but I'll try not to. If it seems like I'm not around much or have disappeared, that'd be why, don't worry. And here White and I were saying while she was here that we really should come online and chat more to everyone, lol. I do miss those days. Laughing, roleplaying, mad little conferences on Yahoo Messenger, and everyone I knew was from TBL, and I could keep up with all the different IM windows. Oh to have that old ability back again, my old energy and expertise, and less jade. But still, life is good, and we may get back to those days yet, you never know.

I leave you with these words of wisdom. When you put your bedsheet on, make sure it's not inside out. *Grins* Ecker ecker!

Oh yeah, and I owe several of you a huge apology. Those in my last entry whose cards were going to be horribly, dreadfully late... I never got them done. *Winces* Sorry. Things closed in towards Christmas and there wasn't time before the New Year to get them done, I just wasn't organized enough. I'm really sorry. x_o

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