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The sky is falling, fly, fly!

*Blows the dust off of his Livejournal and groans, stretching echily and stepping back into it like it was a pair of wet jeans* How long has it been since I last updated in this thing? Yeesh, final years of university can really decimate your postage. ^_^; *Headbang-bobbles to the music, has his infamous Virtually Everything (Shuffling Recommended) playlist going, who knows what song will come on and modify his mood* But yes, it's finished now, done, no more lectures, no coursework, no EXAMS, HAHAHAHAHA-*Slaps self* Aheh, yes. So happy. :-) Graduation is in July, on the 11th, I left my gown horribly late to order in (we were supposed to do it back in February), but the website was easy to use and it's sorted now, so long as you order it 21 days or more before the date of graduation, you should be okay. I got my UEA tie from them, too, that arrived just this morning, it's excellent, I'll be an old boy soon. :-D A Bachelor of Science, ah that'll feel good. Just need to get my arse in gear now and fish a job out for myself to last till Christmas, then when I get back from seeing the beautiful whitewolf_707, I can try to break into the field of ethology or ecology. I should get in touch with whoever's in charge of the wolf reintroduction effort in Scotland and see if they need a hand, and also keep my eyes out for any fox work or positions open at the UEA possibly with the rabbits again. I would be open to jobs in Scandinavia or Romania, even Canada, if it was working with wolves, but I can't thikn about that yet until Marley's here and we've got that stage of our lives down pat. She finishes university in two years. Just two years, and this will be her. :-)

Oyster Fayre on Saturday! Medieval stuff on sale, on display and being demonstrated down at Colchester at the castle. It's where I got my broadsword from last year (pictured in the user icon). I'm going to have to ask the peddlers about chainmail, and where to get a good deal from. Avoid the butted stuff like the plague, it'll split right open if something hits it, and if you wear it too much then it'll just gradually pull the rings apart. You want riveted, or welded if you can afford it, though riveted is probably the best value for money. If I can't find a decent deal on the chainmail, then ah well, there'll be plenty of other little trinkets and things to keep my simple mind entertained. :-D And just for the record, ntnon and great_britannia, I do not look like Wonder Woman!

Need to nip to Clickers, the archery shop in town, at some point to get resin for the nocks and tips of my arrows. I only have one shot-worthy arrow to go with my compound bow, and I also need to get some proper targets for it, or make some; it gets tiresome having to hack your arrow out of the old door or other sheet of wood you fire it into each time. That'll teach me to get a powerful hunting bow for $15, lol. Oh that was so class, the garage sales when White and I went up to see snowwolfmystic. Good luck with your move down to Florida, Snow! Heeee, what else to update in here... *Rubs hands together evily*

*The computer game segment of his brain sparks* Ahah, Medieval: Total War, I can bore you with a brief summary of that. I'm playing as the Sicilians this time, and took over the Papacy nice and early. 'Cept the pope came back. Five times! Augh... He's such a little trooper, and my two best generals are off farting around in Croatia instead of being at home in Italy to quash him. In Mount & Blade news, I'm trying a new mod called 1066, changes the combat system radically and reverts battles to the era back then, the weaponry and armour they used, etc. Recently got back into Starsiege, too, lol, great old game.

Congratulations to jackv on moving into his new gaff! Looking forward to seeing that on Sunday. :-D *Bobbles to Closing Time, by Semisonic* Birds nesting in the conifer by the back door, or at least building a nest. I never thought they'd go for such a strong-smelling perch, I suppose it'll help keep the ectoparasites at bay though, birds line their nests with greenery and the aromatic compounds in certain species ward off lice and mites and things. Ah it just feels so good to be finished with university. Four years. I mean, that's only about a year less than most of my oldest friends online will have known me, and it's what, about a third of the time that Phil, Jack and Chris (chrisp1234) have known me, it's a long time. Oh god, I'm starting to feel all mature now, someone save me. x_x

Oh yeah! I got my hair cut on Wednesday along with my brother, Mark. I should have let the barber do my beard as well, lol, I swear, it was longer than the hair on my head by the time he'd finished, I looked like something from another planet. X-D But I trimmed my beard and moustache nicely when I got home, so here you go, this is what I look like now (the bags and shadows under my eyes are from the sunlight, honest, and I'm getting much more sleep now):

Phew, right, washing up to do in the kitchen, time to stick a CD full of Runrig music on and jump to it. ^_^

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